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QUBOT is a service-driven small business. We have no links to manufacturers or distributors so you know you will get the real deal - I am not here simply trying to sell new brushes and batteries! 


> SERVICE and REPAIRS of ALL brands of robot vacuum cleaners.
> ROOMBA going in circles?

> NEATO repairs - "My Vision is Blocked" and other problems
> Problem solving
> Electronic diagnostics for all Roomba and Neato vacuum cleaners
> Performance improvements and modifications
> Pick-up and drop-off in Perth
> Postage service covering all areas of Australia and New Zealand





Robot vacuums have come a long way! No longer are they gimmicks or toys, but they are serious help in keeping your floors clean. Regular cleaning of brushes etc is important but there these units do require a full service periodically! Dust and hair enters the drive gearboxes and will start to destroy parts requiring expensive replacement. I recommend that this is done every 18 months to two years, but it does vary based on the amount of dust and hair in the house, pets etc.


While servicing I clean and re-lubricate all brush drives, I remove dust build-up from the impeller of the blower (see pics), and I clean and check all the IR sensors as well as giving the unit a thorough clean.


Contact me to ask any questions you might have about your robot vacuum cleaner and how to get the best service from it!


 Roombas attack!


and Neato




> I specialise in all iROBOT ROOMBA and all NEATO robot vacuum cleaners!

> I also work regularly on Samsung and LG machines

> I have worked on iROBOT SCOOBA machines, but these will only be considered in special circumstances. Becuse Scooba machines need to be 'waterproof', many parts are glued together. This does not facilitate dismantling for repairs. So even if I run the diagnostics and have a good idea what is wrong, it is likely that I will probably not be able to repair it - this is not good value for you the customer. (Frankly, it appears to me that Scoobas generally - particularly the 250/450 machines but also the 380 series - seem to have a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years.) 

> RoboMaid; Hoover; Pursonic, X500 and other machines are mostly cookie-cutter Chinese machines with branding stuck on them. I do work on these, but due to lower replacement values, there is little demand for spare parts and so these spares become difficult to source. If you have one of these, give me a call anyway. You might consider replacing your machine with one of our RECONDITIONED ROOMBA machines that are occasionally availalbe, backed up with full service warranty.  





> Based in Perth, WA I offer a pick-up and drop-off service covering the Perth Metro area. I charge $55 for this service (that is $55 for BOTH).

> My fast turn-around postal service covers all of Australia and New Zealand.





> Generally I need between ten days and two weeks. Sometimes it can take longer, depending on workload, backlog, parts availablility, etc.

> Once I have gone over your machine completely, I will put together a proposal for repair and/or servicing, and phone you. I will explain what is needed and why, and go over any options, and itemised costs and give a bottom line total for the options that you select.

> Once I have a go-ahead, I will generally be finished within a few days and can post back / schedule drop off / let you know to collect, as the case may be. This may be affected by spares on back-order, but I'll let you know if this when I call you.




> When you get your machine back it will have an invoice with the agreed items / cost, also showing my banking details. Once you have the machine vacuuming around your ankles, hop on the Internet and make a payment.

> If you prefer to pay cash or other, then please let me know in advance.





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